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April 20, 2009



Allie, you are my hero. Truly, I can't say those words sincerely enough. Your beautiful children have to be worth it.

And this - "We migrate not toward those we admire, but toward those we think will accept us." - is profound.


Again you leave me speechless .. amazed ... proud.
Your children are so blessed to have you as their Mom.
As am I to have you as my daughter.
So wise .. so strong ...


Allie...I'm just checking in and reading this. You are so inspiring to me for so many reasons. You truly are taking the road less-travelled instead of the one paved with bitterness. I hope your kids will one day realize what a strong and beautiful person their momma is. I miss you tons!! Wish we could get together for a drink or for coffee...I need a wise friend like you right now. I will try to email soon. xxoo


Aww . . . thanks. But I'm not wise or inspiring, I'm a mess! Miss you! And wish we could have that coffee/wine (definitely wine at this point). Give Eli hugs from us (especially Anna:)

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