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January 01, 2009



Wow, a powerful post. I feel ya! Except I got married at 19, and had a child at 21...so I never got to experience a lot of that stuff the first time around. But I feel the "lost" part. Good for you for finding yourself.

Your children truly are beautiful. And they've grown so much, I almost would not have recognized them!


Profound .....
Glad you are back. I've missed your insight and talent.

Noni Stearns

If ever there was a born writer, it is you !!!


Late as usual but had to comment here. Having been in a similar 'place' (only had one child though)I can relate to the weirdness of re-entering the dating 'scene'. Actually, it took me ten years to get myself to the right place to attempt itsuccessfully; I hope you get there sooner. :-) For me though, having my daughter (just after my separation) was like a starting point. I feel like my real life began then and through her I have learned so much about myself. I did not get to be a 'stay at home mum' too long though as finances dictated. I did however start to take my career along a completely different path, unhampered by the compromises demanded of me by an ambitious spouse.
I really hope 2009 will be the start of you 'finding yourself' again and purposefully taking new, exciting and challenging paths.


thank you for this post. i needed it today. you must, my friend, write that book ;-)


wow, wow and wow. jen hunter sent me and so glad she did.
i must email you. ask jen about me. i'm not a weirdo ;-)

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