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January 04, 2009



We laughed until we cried.....
Man have we been THERE!


Oh yeah, I've been there! In fact, my bedroom right now is a shade of....GREEN....that didn't quite turn out as planned.

But, the chairs certainly do look gorgeous by day! and that just gives you an excuse to kick everyone out when it starts to get dark, and enjoy a peaceful night to yourself.


Ha! Now there's an idea! "Everybody out! The sun is setting and the chairs are about to turn a hideous shade of clover green!! Save yourself!!"


Errrrrr I don't think they look that bad! :-)I had a dining room suite of my mum's for years which had been finished in Austrian Green Antique Estapol finish (did that make it to the states in the 70s?)and these remind me of it. We had some great parties on that suite :-D
Now show us the fabric!!!!!

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