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December 31, 2008



Hey Allie! Happy new Year!
I felt a bit underwhelmed by it this time around but I'm glad you see some purpose and comfort in it. Great shot of your little dude too. They make it all worth while.
Keep posting!!


It's so fantastic to see you back, Allie, and feeling refreshed and energized. You can put it all behind you and start fresh. Here's to an amazing EVERYthing for you.

OMG, little man isn't a tiny baby anymore! Wow, he is adorable!

P.S. I'm missed your poetic style of writing. :o)


Happy New Year, Sweet Girl!
Go make 2009 your year!
Find your joy!
Dance.. twirl.. laugh out loud..
Feel the sun on your face... the wind in your hair...
Roll down a grassy hill ..
Create... love...embrace ...pray
and WRITE!

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