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June 30, 2008



This is a great shot -- she is just gorgeous!


She's adorable! Her eye color - wow. And she looks happy. :)


Oh, and I didn't notice Barney's hiney there in the shot as well! Ha! He's everywhere . . .


Ha - I didn't even notice Barney's hiney until you pointed it out! Her eyes are so distracting :)


What a great shot! She is just adorable - love the bright colors and the well worn hat. :)


What a great hat! And her eyes are amazing! A great church is the biggest blessing of all...glad you found one to call home.

melody is slurping life

THAT is an amazing portrait. I fell into her gorgeous eyes. And, of course, I LOVE the hat. Love it!

Thanks for your sweet words.


Cute cute cute! I really like the color contrast in the shot too. The bright pink, the purple, and the light blue in the rim of the hat. Cowboy hats are way cool. :)


What a terrific picture!!! She's a doll.


How sweet! I love that she's holding a little hat too - is this for Barney?


Look at Miss Bee how grown up! She is such a beauty. Those eyes are so blue.

Sorry I have been absent lately. I have family out of the butt visiting us! Mostly a good thing, but I'm ready to get my house back, ya know.

I think of you often, my friend, and always am sending good vibrations your way.

I will write again soon!!


It's good to hear some pep in your voice! I'm so glad you've found a church to call home. Bee is beyond gorgeous, and wow, what a portrait!


I love everything about this entry! Beautiful spirit. Beautiful thought. Beautiful subject. Beautiful photography. Beautiful author.


I am always a fan of cowboy hats. It's perfect on her.


What a beautiful girl! Those eyes. I remember when the BA took to wearing a pair of sparkly antennae to church every week........

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