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June 24, 2008



I love, love, love the photo of Sophie. The photo is priceless & so is she :) I look forward to pool date soon with the kiddos!


You are such a great mom! I struggle with that knee-jerk reaction....and too often "no" wins out before I've taken the time to consider "why not."

You have such a way with words. Some parts make me nod in agreement, some parts touch me deep down, and some parts make me ache for you. I'm so sorry for all the pain in your life. I know we don't know each other that well, but if you ever need a sympathetic ear, I'd be happy to listen!

melody is slurping life

Oh, how I love your warrior. Fantastic capture.


Please tell me those are water based markers?? :-D I remember so clearly those times when I had to stop myself from saying 'no' because there was no real reason the activity should be 'wrong'. Except some left over Victorian idea of what well behaved children should be....

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