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August 23, 2007



Aw! She is too cute. Hope she has a wonderful year!!


Very nice photos and she is adorable! I have two years until my oldest is in kindergarten and if those two goes as fast as the first 3.5, I will blink and the time will have arrived. I would be in tears, too.


Congrats to all of you on this huge step!!! I have no experience myself in seeing a child off to kinder, but I'm sure it will end up being great -- after the tears dry up and everyone adjusts! She is so adorable in her little uniform ;-)


She looks great! Hopefully it isn't too hard of a day of you!


Woo hoo! Congrats on this huge step for both of you! Cute pictures, too.


First of all, I love those quotes!!

She is so adorable and she seems like such a sweet, funny little gal. I'm glad we still have another few years before we face this. But with both your girls "in school" now, you must not know what to do with all your time!!


she looks so proud to be in that uniform! great pics, even though you were crying as you took them :).


What a heartwrenching moment!


She's not fading she's blooming :-D...she looks so grown up in her uniform. Wonderful memories. Hope it went well for both of them.


Soooooooooooo cute!


precious. what a memory.


Your daughter looks adorable. She looks very excited to be starting K... My son starts this year as well.

melody is slurping life

How ready she looks, and so cute. The last photo is definitely my fave.


Allie - She is so precious! What a difficult thing to watch - your baby growing up! However, I think this is just one of the many moments you'll be forced to let go of the way is was. Parenting is tough...I see why you do it, though. :)


eeerrrrr.....where are you????


Still wondering where you are

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