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August 20, 2007


Kelly Bera

What a precious expression!! The flag behind her adds a cool touch!
My oldest just started Kindergarten two weeks ago, so I understand your anxiety!!


Just perfect with the flag in the background. Nice.


She'll be fine! Look at that poise and composure :-D You of course will be a sniveling wreck in the car. Don't worry, it happens to the best of us!!


I love the flag behind her! I also love it when they are so proud of themselves; the look on their faces are just priceless! You have quite the priceless photo.


That's a great shot! I love everything about it, from the flag in the back to her expression.


Welcome back to BSM, I've missed your picures!

Your girl is adorable and looks very poised and self-posessed. I love the flag in the background. She will do great at K...and in a few days, you will, too. :o)


Love it, Allie!! We will definitely need to have drinks once your baby starts school and mine goes to preschool -- only once a week for him, but I'm sure I will go through withdrawal (sheesh, I can never spell this word).


nice photo with the flag! she really does look like she is "beaming!"

good luck - i'm sure you will both do great this week and neither of you will look back (for too long, at least!).


That's a great picture - glad to have you back, posting.


Great composition and great smile!


I love the flag as well! Good luck this week!


What a great shot! Hope that you survive the first day of school!


What a wonderful smile!


great photo and good luck this week!

melody is slurping life

Look at her beaming face. She's a cutie pie.

Like everyone, I love the WOW of the flag. Great shot.

amygeekgrl (Crunchy Domestic Goddess)

what a wonderful capture. :) she looks so proud.

good luck w/ the kindergarten thing. mine is going off to preschool for the first time too!


I think the first day of school is hardest on: parents, teachers, students (in that order).

Good luck! :)


I really love this shot. It's so classic with her perfect pose then the flag behind her. Wonderful! :)


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