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July 30, 2007



Well I wouldn't know you'd messed with the colour unless you said! :-D And yes, pretty darn gorgeous as always!


the color looks great--what did you do in PS?


I love the light on this. Are you a self taught photographer or did you take a class or something? I'm curious. You've got such a great eye and I really enjoy the pictures you've posted lately.


Ooo ... thank you! You just made my day:)

I took an online class, basically on how to work the camera (exposure, etc.) for beginners. In PS, I added "Soft Light" filter thingie, and that makes the color more vivid. But it can make the skin tones a little weird, and over expose sometimes (in my humble opinion). Here's the class link if you are interested.



I really like the look of this photo, so you didn't mess it up at all! :)

Playing around in PS is how you learn. Just adjust the opacity of the soft light layer, and if needed set the eraser at 10-15% and take off a bit of that layer on their skin tones so the background layer shows through. Having the ability to manipulate the layers really makes having PS a useful tool.


Oh, thanks! We're off to the pool, but I know what I'll be playing with when the girls go down tonight:)


That's a lovely shot. And I appreciate seeing the comments on PS here. I might have to try that out myself. Happy Monday!


Looks GREAT, Allie! I just love both of their expressions...so beautiful! Nice crop and color as well ;-) I still have not edited my photos from our little excursion, but I will soon!


Wonderful picture!
Your photos almost have silent captions.
Bring along your pics tomorrow and I will bring laptops. We can play with PS. It's too hot to be outside anyway :-)


Oh, fun!! I'll save some to a disk tonight.

Melody is Slurping Life

Those subjects are so adorable, I don't think you could mess them up. Love it.


great shot. the girls are beautiful!

Laura McIntyre

Oh really cute subjects, i think there adorable

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