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July 16, 2007



LOVE the picture of daisy!!!!!!
that is priceless! :)

Jenny A.

Very cute. I had a dog that was the best dog ever, too, and she was named Brownie. My sister would dress her in an old dress of ours (like a toddler size), and Brownie put up with that with style and grace. ;-)

My son saw that book in the second shot, and told me to tell you we have that book, too. He actually took his Dragonology books and made a little "class" at school for his classmates, where he was the teacher.


OMG, that shot of Daisy is SO funny. And the second shot of her listening to the story...well, you said it. Hope you guys had a great weekend. I'm trying to make my way back to the land of blog.


I have to admit that I'm not a dog person, but I love this picture! (Maybe that's the hallmark of a good photographer!) I can't believe the flowers have stayed on!


OH, those are SO good! i love the sweet doggie with the crown! and really nice texture on the strawberries shot too..


The dog pictures made me smile.


I really love the shot of Daisy on the couch next to the little one reading. Daisy's expression there is just too much.


True..sweet Daisy Dog is the best grand-dog in the universe! And to think she was once an abandoned dog-in-a-box! She's a living tribute to adopted dogs. She deserves her crown of flowers..


Your pictures are a little Dooce-esque, and I love them. There's just something about dressing up a dog :)


Oh that dog is sooooooo riveted by Dragonology (and my daughter says to say SHE has that book TOO!). She also wants to know if you are a photographer as you have great angles on your shots! (her words) I too am impressed by your creativity. Don't know which one I like best today!


Okay, first time to your blog, but I have to say the Daisy pictures are priceless!!! I love them!!


So funny about the Dragonology book! My bro-in-law bought it for her, then convinced her dragons lived around his home (he lives out of state). She was rivited! (I later told her the truth . . .)

Thanks for the compliments on the photos, it means a lot. Just playing!

melody is slurping life

Daisy is absolutely adorable. I love her flowered-up. The shot of your daughter reading to her should be a poster for a reading club. Priceless. :)

Those strawberries look yumo!


DAISY!!! OMG! So beautiful!

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